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Silent Subliminal Hypnosis - You Are What You Think You Are.

In the "Powerful Mind" series of silent subliminal hypnosis CDs, custom subliminal messages are layered underneath relaxing music. With this layering, the subconscious mind picks up the music while the subconscious mind picks up the silent subliminal hypnosis messages playing in the background.

Silent subliminal hypnosis refers to the act of sending messages directly to the powerful subconscious mind - the part of your brain that controls everything from memory to body temperature to providing your conscious mind with its core traits. Silent subliminal hypnosis messages are inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the deeper, unconscious mind. Although the conscious mind doesn't comprehend these silent subliminal messages, the subconscious instantly understands and acts on them.

To unleash the power of silent subliminal hypnosis, simply play your subliminal CD at home, at work, wherever you have access to a CD player. Let your mind do the rest! This silent subliminal hypnosis is especially effective when played while going to sleep.

 Listen to the subliminal CD for as long as you want or feel the need to. It's a good idea to start with half an hour (1 full track) twice a day. If you find you're wanting more than that, or get a good effect with less, you can adjust the time accordingly. Because the silent subliminal hypnosis messages are relaxing and completely positive, you will likely feel a positive difference right away. However, you will want to listen to these subliminal hypnosis CDs daily for at least four weeks to firmly develop the habit of thinking differently about yourself.

People using silent subliminal hypnosis CDs for a few weeks or months say that even though they received benefits quickly, they continue using the subliminal hypnosis CDs because they enjoy the relaxing effect. People often find the benefits continue increasing in unexpected ways. Because the silent subliminal affirmations are completely positive, they provide completely positive benefits. Silent subliminal hypnosis is a type of mental nourishment, and when your subconscious has had enough you will simply feel as if you've had enough.

Provided in your CD are the exact affirmations being made. The power subliminal affirmations are looped so that they play throughout the entire CD. We wish you great blessings as you start your journey to a new and improved life.

The only thing you have to lose are self-defeating thoughts and behaviors!

Order your subliminal learning CDs today and unleash the power of your subconscious! You will thank you and everyone else who benefits from these powerful CDs will thank you too!

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