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Learn Self Hypnosis Free of Effort with "Homework Helper" Subliminal Learning.

Effortless retain information. Enjoy studying and the high grades that follow. Find it easy to concentrate, learn, complete assignments and take exams.

Somewhere on their path, the under-achieving student linked learning, studying and achieving with a negative connotation. Before you can change the grades, you must first change the thoughts behind the reluctance to learn and achieve in school. This is where the subliminal learning program "Homework Helper" comes in.

If you or someone you care about struggles in school, can't seem to find the drive or motivation to work at their studies or believes that high grades are not possible, you can bet the conscious mind is hard at work sabotaging efforts to accept other thoughts about school.

The simple fact is that most people have all the the brain power necessary to quickly and easily develop superb memory and concentration. All you need to do is wake up the underutilized 90% of your brain. The "Homework Helper" subliminal learning program wakes up the brain and encourages quick and easy information retention and recall. By using this subliminal learning program, you will dramatically improve study skills, learning skills and thinking skills and improve your grades in the process.

The "Homework Helper" subliminal learning program is the easiest route to developing the memory and concentration skills of a great student. Simply play the calming and relaxing CD at bedtime and you will soon begin mastering your most difficult subjects. This effortless subliminal learning is especially important for the student who lacks the motivation or does not put energy toward learning.

Subliminal learning works by slipping past the conscious mind that believes that learning is not fun, that failure is the outcome of school or that the information is irrelevant to life. Your conscious mind is the logical, analytical mind that forms beliefs and opinions based on facts. If the "facts" are poor grades, no desire to study and problems in school, the logical conscious mind will drive behaviors based on those "facts." The subconscious mind, on the other hand, forms no opinions but instead does what it's told based on the messages it hears. In order to get past the concrete, negative beliefs of the conscious mind, you must appeal to the receptive subconscious mind.

In the "Homework Helper" subliminal learning CD, custom subliminal messages are layered underneath relaxing music. With this layering, the conscious mind picks up the music while the subconscious mind picks up the subliminal learning messages playing in the background. Quite simply, subliminal learning messages effectively slips past the part of your brain that won't listen to the part of your brain that will.

Subliminal learning messages are silent to the conscious mind but audible to the deeper subconscious mind. Although the conscious mind doesn't comprehend these silent subliminal messages, the subconscious instantly understands and acts on them.

The Homework Helper subliminal CD uses 49 different phrases that are repeated approximately five times in each 30-minute session. You receive the exact phrases used when you order the Homework Helper subliminal learning CD. Here are just a few of the phrases used in Homework Helper;

  • I am smart and capable of achieving excellent scores. The more effort I give, the better my life becomes.

  • I am an intelligent, confident person that strives for excellence and that feels good.

  • I am a super learner. I am excited by learning new things and I enjoy study and learning.

  • I retain information easily, I am calm when I need to recall what I know and I can easily retain and recall information.

  • I find it easy to learn and I enjoy exams. I concentrate easily and I concentrate for a long time. My concentration is improving each and every day.

  • I awake in the morning ready to take on the day. I make the mental decision to make every learning moment count.

  • It feels wonderful to do my best and the people around me admire me for my efforts. But most importantly, when I look in the mirror, I am proud of what I see.

  • From this moment on, I notice that I am more attentive in class and find ways to make the information interesting to me.

  • I complete assignments, study on my own at home and as I take tests, I imagine my goals. I am excited and enthused to reach my goals.

  • As my instructor teaches important information, I absorb it like a sponge absorbs water.

  • When it is time for me to be tested on the things that I have learned, the information is ready to be written down with ease.

  • I am focused and I think clearly. I have the ability to score the highest possible marks.

As you listen to the subliminal learning CD, the subtle yet powerful suggestions begin chiseling away at your negative conscious beliefs. Your conscious mind does not get the opportunity to argue with these new beliefs. This is why subliminal learning works so well. Quietly, subliminal messages whisper new thoughts and new beliefs into your subconscious that it knows the conscious mind will throw out.

You create your reality based on the positive messages received.

"Homework Helper" is part of the "Powerful Mind" learn hypnosis free hypnosis tape CD series. The Powerful Mind hypnosis tape CDs are produced in a professional recording studio with the talent of a professional voice-over. When you order a "Powerful Mind" CD, you order with the security of knowing the learn hypnosis free hypnosis tape CD is top quality and of the best on the market today.

The key to subliminal suggestions is repetition. It takes a minimum of 21 days to form a habit so you want to listen to the subliminal learning CDs every day for one month to form solid learning and study habits and develop the habit of becoming the
high achiever that is already inside of you.

With the right tools you can quickly and easily eliminate destructive habits. Order the "Homework Helper" subliminal learning program today and watch good grades and motivated learning follow. Use the "Powerful Mind" subliminal CD for a minimum of 30 days. If you don't start seeing results (don't worry - you will see results!), simply return the CD for a full refund. We are so sure of the quality of these CDs and the powerful results they will produce that we offer an iron-clad 100% money-back guarantee. We can do this because we know by experience that most people will not return their secret powerhouse once they begin experiencing the benefits. The "Powerful Mind" self hypnosis CDs are just that good.

The only thing you have to lose are poor study habits, bad grades and ineffective learning!

Order your subliminal learning CDs today and unleash the power of your subconscious! You will thank you and everyone else who benefits from these powerful CDs will thank you too!

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