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Subliminal Messaging & The Subliminal Message We Send.

"Why are you so bad?"
"Why can't you just behave?"
"You got in trouble again?"

Words are powerful tools and they are powerful weapons. Words can build up and they can tear down. Take the subliminal message example above. How often will a child hear these words before he truly and absolutely believes he is bad? Once he accepts these words as truth, his actions will only further reflect his thoughts about himself, based on his subliminal message communication - his "self-talk."

The fact is, the child is not "bad." His actions simply are not suitable. He might not be able to sit quietly. He might not be able to focus. He might not have adequate control over his emotions. And, he's not "bad."

The challenge is that once a person accepts the words (whether right or wrong) spoken to them, the undoing can be incredibly difficult. Try telling someone who has been called "stupid" throughout their childhood that they are actually very intelligent. Try calling someone "beautiful" when they look in the mirror and see "ugly." The positives words will be argued because it goes against the grain of their reality.

Enter subliminal messaging and the power of the subliminal message. Subliminal messaging is the use of a subliminal message that passes below the normal levels of perception. A subliminal message is inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the unconscious or deeper mind. In this way, the conscious mind cannot form arguments against the new ideas.

A subliminal message, repeated often, can change a person's perception because the subliminal message slips beneath the conscious mind's radar. Quietly, subliminal messaging bypasses the critical, judgmental conscious mind and whisper new thoughts and new beliefs straight into the subconscious. The conscious mind doesn't even get a chance to argue with these new beliefs!

Subliminal Message Example: Read a variety of subliminal message example phrases used in the "Powerful Mind" CD series.

When you feed positive programming into your mind through the use of a subliminal message, you tap the potential of the mind to reshape perception and reality. Reprogramming the mind using subliminal messaging can help control or eliminate habits, develop a new identity and develop latent talents and abilities - all without the normal struggle. Quite simply, you change your life by changing your mind.

In the "Powerful Mind" series of subliminal message CDs, subliminal message example verses are layered underneath relaxing music. With this layering, the conscious mind picks up the music while the subconscious mind picks up the subliminal message playing in the background.

Subliminal messaging is 100 percent natural - a method of relaxing the conscious mind while utilizing another level of awareness through suggestion. The subliminal message can help you change your mind, remove unhealthy ways of thinking and increase positive behavior.

This is a personal program for proactive positive change. Although the effects may seem miraculous, the effects are simply a matter of proper suggestions and creative imagination. Subliminal messaging is not a way to avoid personal responsibility, but instead is meant to assist in making changes in life. Subliminal messaging is the lever used to pry yourself out of an old rut.

People who use these subliminal message example CDs often report receiving benefits almost immediately, but continue using the CDs to enjoy the relaxing effect. People often find the benefits continue increasing in unexpected ways. Because the affirmations are completely positive, they can't do you any harm. They're a type of mental nourishment, and when your subconscious has had enough you will simply feel as if you've had enough. 

The only thing you have to lose are self-defeating thoughts and behaviors!

We wish you great blessings as you start your journey to a new and improved life!

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