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Temporal Lobe ADHD and ODD:  Explosive ADHD

The Temporal Lobe type of ADHD, often referred to as bipolar ADHD, draws characteristics from the other types of Attention Deficit Disorder. They can be hyperverbal, meaning that the frequency of dialogue is much greater than the Classic ADHD’s chattering. Like the Over-focused, the Temporal Lobe type can get stuck in loops of negative thought and can display obsessive or ritualistic behavior. Like the Ring of Fire type, the Temporal Lobe type can be overly sensitive and prone to temper outbursts.

The bipolar ADHD type person does nothing in a subtle way and has manic qualities that can be very difficult to manage. This ADHD type doesn’t just talk often, he talks nonstop. The Ring of Fire ADHD type is easily distracted, aggressive, oppositional, and moody. Nervousness, chronic stress, panic attacks, obsessive behavior and anxiety can also be present. He has difficulty switching gears and frequently gets stuck on negative thoughts. He is inflexible and can be quite oppositional. In short, the bipolar ADHD type is not exactly a charm to live with.

Temporal lobe problems can be genetic or physical ADHD causes such as brain trauma or injury. The bipolar ADHD type can be quite severe and requires significant treatment, and great patience from those who live with the Frontal Lobe type.

The Frontal Lobe type is often inept in social situations because they have great difficulty reading social cues, facial expressions and body and tone language. Because of this, the Frontal Lobe type is prone to misinterpretations, which is common in both bipolar ADHD.

For instance, bipolar disorder children type might misinterpret light-hearted joking as a severe personal attack. Because the Frontal Lobe type is prone to aggressive behavior and impulsivity, he might fly into a rage and physically attack the person. Afterward, he will not show remorse.

Symptoms ADHD “Temporal Lobe” Characteristics: (Not all need to be present)

  • Inattentive type ADHD symptoms (distractibility, attentional problems, disorganization)

  • Easily irritated or frustrated

  • Aggressive behavior

  • Dark moods or thoughts

  • Periods of panic, anxiety or fear

  • Significant mood swings

  • Impulsivity

  • Prone to fights and acts of violence

  • Defiant/disobedient toward authority figures/parents

  • Can display anti-social behavior

  • Learning problems and bad handwriting common with this type

  • Periods of confusion

  • Emotional instability

  • Memory problems

  • Bouts of intense anxiety

  • Heightened sensitivity to criticism

  • Frequent headaches and/or stomach aches

  • Social withdrawal

If you fit into the Frontal Lobe subtype of bipolar ADHD, you will use Attend, Neuran and Memorin as ADHD remedies. Attend addresses the primary Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms. Neuran provides mood stabilization and enhancement. Memorin increase focus, concentration and memory. These three formulas together form an effective strategy for the Temporal Lobe types of ADHD.

Treatment Strategy for Temporal Lobe Bipolar ADHD:
Attend: 1 capsule twice daily
Neuran: 2 capsules twice daily for adults, 1 capsule twice daily for children under 50 pounds
Memorin: 1 capsule twice daily

Note: When using this to address ADHD symptoms in adults or for children over 50 pounds, order an additional bottle of Attend with your first order. A loading dose of 2 capsules twice daily for the first two weeks is required so the first bottle of Attend will last two weeks. Per the recommended dosage, all following bottles will last one month.

People with Temporal Lobe Attention Deficit Disorder, along with ADHD and ODD, should not use St. John’s Wort (as found in Extress and Deprex), as St. John’s Wort can worsen symptoms. Neuran used with Attend can effectively stabilize and enhance mood without using St. John’s Wort for those that display the signs of Temporal Lobe Attention Deficit Disorder. St. John's Wort is okay to be used with the ADHD combined type or inattentive type.

Physicians might prescribe anticonvulsant (antiseizure) medication. These medications work by enhancing the amino acid GABA, an essential neurotransmitter in the brain. GABA decreases neuron activity and inhibit nerve cells from over firing or firing erratically. GABA itself acts like an anticonvulsant and an anti-anxiety agent. The Attend and Neuran formulas both contain ample amounts of GABA. Supplementing with GABA is safe, healthy and effective compared to taking potentially dangerous prescription medications.

Many people with temporal lobe problems as well as those with the ADHD inattentive type also suffer from memory problems, which is why the Memorin formula - with its amino acids, essential fatty acids, Phosphatidal Serine, Ginko Biloba and other memory ingredients - works well with this type of Attention Deficit Disorder.

As with all types of Attention Deficit Disorder, a nutrition eating plan and an exercise regime are also important aspects of the ADHD natural treatment plan.

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