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The Food ADD Connection

In looking for ADHD causes, diet takes a forefront. The brain is a hungry organ that cannot function at optimal levels without the proper fuels. There is most definitely a food ADD connection. To keep the brain functioning at top performance, ADHD diets packed with brain boosting essential fatty acids and amino acids is a must. Not surprisingly, the majority of parents who call the Attention Deficit Disorder Help Center say their Attention Deficit or hyperactive child is a finicky eater.

Numerous studies on diet’s role in the causes of Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD show benefits from either adding foods or eliminating items from the diet. Incorporating a diet packed with brain foods for this neurological disorder can naturally alleviate many symptoms of ADHD. In fact, diet is one of the first ADHD remedies to try.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: Numerous studies show that children with the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD have lower levels of essential fatty acids. Studies also show that lower levels of essential fatty acids can result in problems with learning, behavior, temper, sleep, and immune function. When looking at good brain foods, essential fatty acids are high on the list.

Your brain is about 60 percent fat, with Omega-3 essential fatty acids the most abundant fat in your brain. This essential fatty is extremely important for communication and transmission between brain cells.

Because the body does not make essential fatty acids, they are only available through our diets or through supplementation.

The best source of Omega-3 fatty acids is cold water fish like salmon, herring, tuna, cod, flounder, trout and shrimp. Other sources of essential fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) are nuts, soybean, walnut oil, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

AMINO ACIDS: When looking at food ADD measures, amino acids play a significant role. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein in the body, literally feed the brain. Amino acids promote the production of various neurotransmitters and enzymes critically needed in the brain for communication between brain cells, smooth and balanced cognition and fluid transition from thought to disciplined action.

Food add high in complete protein are excellent sources of amino acids. Good sources of complete proteins include meat, fish, eggs, dairy products and soy. Yogurt is the only animal-derived complete protein that dieticians recommend for frequent use in the diet.

For vegetarians and vegans, brown rice served with beans, seeds, nuts or wheat make a complete protein. All soy products also make a complete protein.

In addition to essential fatty acids and amino acids, ADHD recipes to combat the causes of Attention Deficit Disorder should also include ample amounts of zinc, Phosphatidyl Serine (PS), a natural extract of lecithin, and "B" vitamins.

"B" VITAMINS: B vitamins help form neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the nervous system. Pyridoxal phosphate, a B-6 member, is pivotal in the synthesis of the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA).

  • A Saint Joseph Hospital (Pennsylvania) study found low serotonin levels as possible causes of ADHD in hyperactive children. The researchers observed a significant increase in serotonin when introducing a B-6 supplement.

ZINC: A number of studies point to an association between zinc deficiency and the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD.

  • A 1996 study, published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, revealed a significant correlation between zinc and fatty acids, in that both were decreased in children displaying the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.
  • In looking for dietary food ADD causes, an Ohio State University found a relationship between zinc deficiency and response to stimulant medicine (such as Ritalin) among people with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE (PS): PS, a neural-membrane supportive, is a natural extract of lecithin and often used as a supplement for the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Many clinical trials of memory loss, mood, cognitive performance and learning ability show that PS can optimize cognition.

  • In a study of twenty-seven children with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD all but two children showed improvement in learning capacity and behavior when given 200-300 mg of PS daily for four months.

To get a healthy sampling of nutrition to fuel the body and brain, your child should eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables, fish at least twice a week, nuts and fresh fruits.

Mothers of finicky eaters especially know this diet structure can be near impossible to reach. That is why supplementing the diet with brain feeding nutrients is so important for children.

Attend, with its 70 ingredients specifically targeted to feeding the brain, is by far the most complete supplement proven to restore and balance brain functioning.

The Attend formula contains every nutritional element known to help with Attention Deficit Disorder. And unlike prescription medicines, the blend of nutritional, herbal and homeopathic ADHD ingredients is all-natural, highly effective and completely safe.

Food allergies and sensitivities can also mimic the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder ADD ADHD.

The top food culprits producing causes of ADD and ADHD symptoms are: sugar, chocolate, eggs, milk, wheat, colors/additives/flavors, and corn.

Eliminate these items from the diet (it won’t be easy given today’s eating standards) for two weeks. After that time, introduce one item back into the diet every couple days.

If you notice a return of symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder with an item added back in, you might have found the causes of ADD and ADHD. You will want to keep those foods to a minimum in the diet.

By eliminating the top food allergy culprits from the diet and then slowly introducing them back in, you can determine if diet produces causes of ADD ADHD symptoms.

Even if certain foods do not seem to produce symptoms ADHD is known for, do consider keeping your child on a nutritionally sound diet that includes a high-quality nutritional supplement like Attend. A sound diet will help in many areas of the child’s life.

  • A study conducted on 220 preschool children demonstrated that children who lack optimal amounts of essential nutrients experience reduced attention span and intellectual ability.
  • The same researchers conducted a study, which showed that students' ability to think was reduced when kept on a nutritionally poor diet.
  • Another study reported sugar (one of the diet elements in the elimination diet) as a possible instigator of aggressive behavior, causes of hyperactivity, and attention problems exhibited by children with symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

 The recipes selected for the ADHD recipes section are simple and generally kid friendly – food ADD recipes that all but the finicky eaters should enjoy.

We encourage you to try some of these ADHD recipes and submit some of your own to help add to other readers’ ADHD recipes.

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