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ADHD Gifted Children

While searching for an education-related topic, I stumbled upon information that a school system provided as a checklist of "Is Your Child Gifted?" Amazingly, many of characteristics of a gifted child were very similar to that of an ADHD child.

I carried this search a little further with a Google search for "gifted and talented checklist." It became abundantly clear as I sifted through the mostly school system websites that what is seen as a negative symptom of Attention Deficit Disorder can easily also be seen as a glowing attribute of the gifted and talented student.

The following list is a compilation of "gifted and talented" identifiers gathered from numerous school websites. Read through this list of tell-tale signs of a "gifted and talented" child. Do any of these identify your ADHD child? There are striking similarities between gifted children and ADHD children.  Our ADHD gifted children can easily be viewed as problematic or gifted. Are they ADHD or gifted? A new classification - ADHD gifted children - might better describe our curious, opinionated and questioning children.

  • Has a wild imagination

  • Has strong opinions

  • Has a very good memory for details

  • Is very curious

  • Asks a lot of questions

  • Sees himself or herself as “different” from the other kids

  • Does not always respond well to external motivation

  • Becomes uninterested when things slow down

  • Can be critical of self and others

  • Might be experiencing discipline issues at school; especially at staying focused

  • Tends to dominate peers or situations

  • Is involved with many exploratory type activities

  • Reveals originality in oral and written expression

  • Can cope with more than one idea at a time

  • Demonstrates a richness of imagery in informal language and brainstorming

  • Can ask unusual (even awkward) questions

  • Can make unusual contributions to class discussions

  • Has exceptional curiosity and constantly wants to know the reasons why

  • Often sees unusual, rather than conventional, relationships

  • Can produce original and imaginative work, even if defective in technical accuracy (e.g. poor spelling and/or handwriting)

  • Wants to debate topics at greater depth

  • Mental speed is faster than writing ability, so is often reluctant to write at length

  • The ADHD gifted prefers to talk rather than write and talks at speed with fluency and expression

  • Is success-oriented and hesitates to try something where failure is a possibility

  • Demonstrates a sense of humor and loves incongruities, puns and pranks

  • May be behind peers in manual dexterity, which can be a source of frustration

  • Can have a negative self-concept and suffer from poor social acceptance by age peers

  • Daydreams and seems lost in another world

  • Listens to only part of the explanation and sometimes appears to lack concentration

  • When interested, becomes absorbed for long periods and may be impatient with interference or abrupt change

  • Can be stubborn in own beliefs

  • Shows sensitivity and reacts strongly to things causing distress or injustice

    It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How do you think things would change if we look at our strong-opinioned, debating daydreamer as a genius bored with the world that has been forced upon him? If we see creativity and originality instead of poor handwriting and misspelled words? If we allow these ADHD Gifted children to move at the speed of their thoughts and see how far they can fly?

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