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Coping with Adult ADD: Help for Attention Deficit Disorder Adults.

If you are having trouble coping with adult ADD and the symptoms are disrupting your life, fear not. We have a lengthy list of tips for Attention Deficit Disorder adults. These strategies will help you get through the day, the week and beyond. These adult ADD help strategies work very well and can be a perfect adjunct to other adult ADHD treatment optons. Use them and use them often to get the symptoms of ADD under control.

The Daily Calendar - Coping with Adult ADD Strategy #1: Living by a daily calendar is crucial for adult ADD help. Write down each appointment and task that needs to be accomplished. Write down the important appointments (Doctor appointment 3 p.m.), the miniscule (Need ketchup and paper towels) and everything in between. As you complete each task, check the task off. It is important not only to see what you have to do but also to see what you have completed. If you don't complete the task, roll it over to the next day.

The use of highlighters to help adult ADD deserves special emphasis. Anything on the list that absolutely must be completed during the day should be highlighted in bright yellow, hot pink, florescent green or any other attention-getting color that will make the task jump off the page.

For people who spend the majority of their day in front of the computer, check out This tool alone is responsible for keeping me on task from day to day. I don't know how I survived without it.

Write it Down  - ADHD for adults Strategy #2: Keep a notepad and pencil beside you at all times - in your car, at your desk, by your bed, in your purse, your jacket or on the kitchen counter. The ADD adult is never short of great ideas, just keeping them in the brain longer enough to retrieve them later. Write down tasks that need to make their way to the "To Do" list, random thoughts and brilliant ideas. You can always edit your notepad notes later.

Live by the Alarm  - Attention Deficit Disorder Adults Tips #3: The adult ADDer is chronically late - late to work, late for appointments, late to church, late to their nephew's birthday party. The ADD adult does not particularly enjoy being late. We simply have a distorted view of time and too many distracting thoughts bouncing around inside our heads.
To help keep on task with appointments, set the alarm for five minutes prior to the time you need to leave for an appointment or meeting and then leave - quickly.

An alarm clock with a "snooze" button also works well for keeping you on task. While working on a project that requires sustained concentration, set the alarm. When the alarm goes off, hit the snooze button and refocus on the task at hand. This regular reminder will bring you back to task. Continue to hit the snooze for as long as you need to bring yourself back to the project at hand.

Structure Your Environment  - Coping with Adult ADD Symptoms #4: Structure is the hallmark for coping with ADD. Make frequent use of lists, Post-It notes, reminders and files.

  • Keep your door closed, if possible, to reduce outside distraction.

  • Use headphones to filter outside distractions if you cannot close your door, or if you are located in an open space.

  • Face your desk away from high traffic areas.

  • A quiet environment is not always the optimal environment. Consistent noise, like a fan or soft background music, can effectively block out other distracting sounds.

  • Work on one file at a time, one subject at a time, one task at a time. Refuse to move to the next task until you complete the current task.

Eat Well  - Attention Deficit Disorder Adults Tips #5: A growing body of research points to nutrition deficiencies as a cause of a wide variety of symptoms ADHD is know for, as well as learning deficiencies. This research consistently points to amino acids and essential fatty acids specifically as adult ADD natural remedy options. Fatty acids and amino acids are used to make brain and nerve tissue in the body and are crucial for proper growth, mental function, the immune system and brain development. Protein foods are high in amino acids. Cold-water fish and flax oil are excellent sources of the beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids.

Exercise Often  - Coping with Adult ADD Strategy #6: A vigorous daily exercise is absolutely one of the best coping skills for the ADD adult. A regular exercise routine helps to work off that excess energy and blow off steam in a positive way. Exercise helps clear the brain clutter and mind chatter. Aside from the obvious physical health benefits, exercise is also shown to improve mood, stimulates the neurochemical system and calm the mind. Aside from diet, exercise is one of the best natural ADHD remedies.

Get Adequate Sleep  - Coping with
Symptoms of Adult ADHD #7: Although late-nighters and all-nighters are sometimes unavoidable, many are. Have you ever caught your second wind at midnight and decided right then and there to go on an all-night cleaning spree? Sure, the house was in order by 6 a.m. but the following day was blown to shreds. The best way to keep focused and on track is to give your brain and body the sleep it needs to function at its best.

Laugh at Yourself  - Strategy #8: You turn left instead of right and find yourself hopelessly lost. You are so engrossed in your thoughts that you trip and fall face first. You completely space off a dinner engagement. It happens. You are ADD. Remember?

You can get upset with yourself, call yourself every degrading name in the book and stew, obsess and ruminate for hours or even days after. Or, you can treat yourself gently.

So you walked back into the house three times to retrieve forgotten items before leaving for work. Big deal. Smile, poke a little fun at yourself and count the three-time trip as part of your daily exercise. This alone can make the difference between a good day and a bad.

Anticipate Inevitable Stumblings  - Coping with Symptoms Adults ADD #9: A certain percent of projects will collapse. Not every relationship you enter into will stay intact. Not every challenge will meet success. This is true for everyone, and especially true for the adult with ADD. Anticipate a certain amount of stumbles and accept that these are a natural part of life. Don't get hung up on perfectionism. It's just not attainable.

"Chunk"  - Tip #10: If faced with a large project, break the project into smaller more manageable tasks and attach deadlines to the small parts. This is one of the most powerful coping skills for the ADD adult.

Large task can easily overwhelm the person with ADHD enough to make them shy away from the entire project. By breaking the project into smaller, more manageable parts, each component will feel manageable.

Refuse to "Whirley-Gig"  - Coping with Adult ADD Strategy #11: Have you ever fretted over three small tasks while an important task burned to the ground? I call this "Whirley-gigging," though I doubt we would find this word in the Webster dictionary. The ADD adult can easily lose perspective when life gets busy. The typical response is to procrastinate - a hallmark characteristic of the ADHD adult - on the challenging tasks while focusing on tasks that can easily be met. We all know this system is flawed and learning to prioritize is the only way around the flawed system.

When you feel a "Whirley-Gig" coming on, take a deep breath, grab your list and highlighter and mark the most critical tasks. Start working on the first things first and move on down the list. This will take some discipline but will be worth the effort. Trust me on this one.

Be Aware  - Coping with
adult ADHD ADD Strategy #12: Each of us works best under different conditions. Some need an absolutely quiet room to focus while others work better while jamming to an old Aerosmith CD. Some people need to do three things at once (play Solitaire while tapping their foot while talking on the phone) to keep focused. Others think best while out for a morning jog. Let yourself work in whatever conditions work best for you - no matter how odd the conditions might be.

Me Time  - Coping Strategy #13: A life crammed only with work and responsibilities is a life primed for stress. Set aside time each day or, at the very least, each week, to let go. Take a walk. Take a nap. Read. Meditate. Doodle. Do nothing at all. Do whatever to recharge your batteries and cut loose in a safe and positive way. This is especially important for
women ADHD sufferers who tend to put others before their own needs.

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