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Christmas Soap - A Natural Glycerin Soap

Although this natural glycerin soap recipe uses red and green coloring, it can be colored any way you like. The Christmas soap recipe uses Bayberry and Peppermint fragrance for a great seasonal scent, feel free to experiment with other Christmas fragrances.

6 oz. glycerin soap
1/4 tsp. Bayberry fragrance oil
1/4 tsp. Peppermint fragrance oil
Red and green food color
Ultra fine multi-colored or silver glitter

To Make This  Natural Glycerin Soap: Melt 3 oz. of natural glycerin soap. Add red food color and peppermint fragrance oil. Pour into molds. Next, melt 3 oz. of natural glycerin soap. Add green food color and Bayberry fragrance oil. Pour into molds. When done, dust each batch with a different color glitter to complete your gift idea.

Glycerin makes soap making less intimidating because glycerin soap recipes don't require lye and fats. Here's a tip to making great glycerin soaps - keep the heat as low as possible when melting. High heating temperatures heat will produce a mushy or beaded appearance. To keep the glycerin from attracting moisture from the air, tightly wrap the glycerin soaps in plastic after making. Glycerin is a gentle skin moisturizer soap that is available in clear and opaque. Glycerin can be found at health food stores, some drug stores, craft stores or major department stores.

This natural glycerin soap can also make a great gift idea for family and friends. Your friends and family will appreciate the gift because it comes from the heart. Packaging and presentation play a predominant role in the gift-giving of your handmade soaps, salts and lotions. Below are several packaging ideas, but donít let this brief list limit your creativity!  Boxes and baskets are nice containers for soap, especially when you fill the boxes with other materials. You can fill the box or basket halfway with herbs, dried flowers or potpourri that matches the scent of your natural glycerin soap. Gift basket fillings, other toiletries, washcloths or sponges also make great fillers in the basket with your natural glycerin soap. Once you have added the filler and soap, wrap the box or basket in cellophane.

Paper is a popular packaging medium because of the variety of papers available. You can use brown Kraft paper, marbled paper, gift wrap, wallpaper, any kind of paper you want. Your creativity is the limit! You can use your computer to add designs and logos to plain paper or you can paint or draw on the paper for an added personal touch. You can wrap individual bars like a gift and either leave plain or add extra embellishment by tie with ribbons, cording, raffia or lace.


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