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Test Adult ADHD: Do You Have Attention Deficit?

Does a constant fog cover your brain? Are you often distracted by extraneous noises or activities? Are you often restless? Fidgety? Does daydreaming often pull you away from the tasks at hand?

For those looking for a free test adult ADHD, this ADD adult test will give indications on whether to seek further testing. This adult ADHD testing is not a diagnostic test but a source of information for the adult trying to determine if ADD or ADHD might be present. Only an qualified health care provider can make an official diagnosis based on the symptoms ADHD often presents.

Although ADD is commonly associated as a childhood disorder, this inability to focus can remain in adulthood. About half of the children with ADD develop effective compensation skills that help them “outgrow” ADD. The other half do not and trip into adulthood with the same type of problems experienced in childhood.

This test test for adult ADHD is quick, free and easy to score. The adult ADHD test is based solely on behavior observation since Attention Deficit Disorder does not have clear physical signs that can be seen in an x-ray or a lab testing.

To test adult ADHD with this online tool, keep an open mind based on reality. Check the box only if the statement occurs often. Most every adult displays character statements in this adult ADD quiz every so often. It is only when attentional characteristics occur on a frequent and regular basis that they are identified as Attention Deficit Disorder.

Test Adult ADHD:

More than half (25) checked items on the self adult ADHD ADD test indicates a strong tendency toward Attention Deficit in adults.

___ Has impulsive spending habits.
___ Has frequent distractions during sex.
___ Frequently misplace the car keys, your purse or wallet or other day-to-day items.
___ Has a family history of ADD, learning problems, mood disorders or substance abuse.
___ Has a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.
___ Has trouble following the proper channels or chain of commands.
___ Has an attitude of "read the directions when all else fails.”
___ Receives frequent traffic violations.
___ Skips around while reading.
___ Has an internal sense of anxiety.
___ Transposes numbers, letters or words.
___ Has trouble keeping a job or has impulsive job changes.
___ Has problems with self-esteem.
___ Is verbally or physically abusive.
___ Has difficulty maintaining an organized work and/or home environment.
___ Is chronically late or always in a hurry.
___ Lacks tact, often spurting out the first thing that comes to mind.
___ Has trouble following verbal directions.
___ Procrastinates, especially with multi-faceted tasks.
___ Has trouble getting started.
___ Is frequently overwhelmed by tasks of daily living.
___ Has poor financial management and frequent late bills.
___ Spends excessive time at work due to inefficiencies.
___ Has inconsistent work performance.
___ Has a sense of underachievement.
___ Has trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships.
___ Seeks high stimulation or dangerous activities.
___ Has a tendency toward exaggerated outbursts.
___ Has a tendency toward being argumentative.
___ Lacks attention to detail.
___ Has trouble listening carefully to directions.
___ Starts projects but does not finish them.
___ Is easily distracted.
___ Has a tendency to drift away.
___ Has a quick temper, is "short-fused."
___ Has rage outbursts.
___ Gets upset by minor annoyances.
___ Worries needlessly or excessively.
___ Frequently daydreams or "spaces out."
___ "Blanks out" when under pressure.
___ Has low frustration tolerance.
___ Has tendency toward obsessive behavior.
___ Has moods swings from highs to lows.
___ Has trouble planning a series of tasks or activities.
___ Has an addictive personality toward food, alcohol, drugs, work and/or gambling.
___ Is "thin-skinned" - having quick or exaggerated responses to real or imagined slights.
___ Is argumentative.
___ Has difficult reading written material unless it is very interesting or very easy.
___ Says things without thinking and later regrets saying them.
___ Makes quick decisions without considering the consequences.
___ Often answers questions before the questions have been fully asked.

Attention Deficit Disorder adults face the same challenges as children with Attention Deficit Disorder do. An adult with ADD may have trouble with impulsiveness, distractibility and a short attention span. Yet when interested in something, the adult with ADD can stay highly focused.

For many people diagnosed with ADD as an adult, the diagnosis comes as a revelation as well as an explanation. They now have an explanation for the brain fog, the inability to process information or retain information and other trouble areas in their life.

Using this ADHD symptoms in adults checklist to test adult ADHD is free and convenient, but self testing alone may not be entirely reliable. Even if this self test indicates that you are an adult with ADHD, that your physician asses your symptoms adult ADD and also rule out conditions that can mimic adult Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms.

Anxiety, depression, hypothyroidism, manic-depression or obsessive compulsive disorder can mimic Attention Deficit Disorder symptoms. Hormonal imbalances in perimenopause and menopause can produce foggy thinking, anxiety and exaggerated outbursts.

A thorough test adult ADHD should include a thorough medical examination to rule out other causes and an assessment of current and past behavior and neuropsychological testing. A health care provider cannot properly diagnose adult ADHD within a 15-minute office visit.

Although the adult ADD population has historically been under diagnosed, that is changing. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly holds the patent for the first ADD medication FDA approved for the treatment of adult Attention Deficit Disorder. Strattera hit the market in January 2003 and Eli Lilly’s aggressive national marketing campaign followed closely after that. Many health care professionals fear that the adult population will soon become over-diagnosed, as is currently the case with children.

With adult ADD, physicians typically prescribe antidepressants first, with a move to Attention Deficit Disorder medications like Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin or Strattera if antidepressants do not work. Adderall, Concerta and Ritalin are not recommended for people with a history of drug or alcohol use or abuse since these are controlled substances with a fairly high degree of addiction potential in adults. Strattera is not a stimulant medication but adults with ADD will want to carefully consider Strattera side effects before deciding if this course of treatment is right for them.

The ADHD adult can find help naturally without the side effects of Strattera, Adderall, Concerta or Ritalin. The Vaxa Attend line of Attention Deficit Disorder nutraceutical supplements are highly effective for adults and children alike, are safe and do not have side effects. Additionally, Attend works to address the root causes of Attention Deficit Disorder instead of simply treating the symptoms.

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