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Stratera Side Effects, Advantages and Disadvantages.

Now that Stratera has been on the market for over a year, more information about the ADD and ADHD drug is becoming better known. Overall, there appear to be more side effects with Strattera than was originally promised or hoped for. Additionally, the side effects of Stratera appear to be more common than with stimulant ADD and ADHD medications.

The primary concerns with Stratera side effects are excessive tiredness or insomnia, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure and sexual side effects. Males have reported side effects similar to prostatitis symptoms like painful urination, urinary retention, pain following sexual intercourse and unusual symptoms following intercourse. An interesting side effect that has been discovered is enlarged pupils. This could be mistaken for illegal substance abuse. As with stimulant medications, Stratera side effects stop when the medication is stopped.

The number of people trying Stratera and discontinuing it shortly thereafter appears quite high. There are also a large number of people who seem to receive little or no benefit from Stratera.

Overall, Stratera appears to be less effective than stimulants, especially in its effects on hyperactivity. Many physicians are using Stratera alongside the stimulant medications, which negates the “non-stimulant” Stratera claim.

Below is an outline of Statera advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before using this ADD and ADHD medication. The Attention Deficit Disorder Help Center maintains its health and safety stance of trying any and all available alternatives to ADHD medication before resorting to drug therapy. Attend, a neurological support supplement, is a highly effective alternative to conventional ADHD drug medication.

Stratera Advantages:

_ Stratera is not a Schedule II drug, which means your doctor can write a prescription for more than a month at a time and call prescriptions into the pharmacy rather than requiring you to pick them up each month.

_ Stratera does not have the "bad name" of stimulant ADD and ADHD medications.

_ There appears to be less abuse potential with Stratera.

_ Stratera is not a stimulant but a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. Norepinephrine plays a key role in ADD, ADHD and depression.

_ Stratera may be more easily prescribed for people with current or past addiction problems with alcohol or drugs.

_ Stratera appears to provide 24-hour coverage that might carry over into the next day. The effects of stimulant medications range from 4 to 12 hours.

_ Stratera’s antidepressant properties may provide effective treatment for those with depressive and anxious symptoms alongside ADD and ADHD.

_ Stratera does not appear to worsen tics or Tourette's Syndrome as the stimulants often do.

Stratera Disadvantages:

_ This is no magic pill. Stratera is still going to have some of the side effects of the stimulants and it will be ineffective for some people.

_ As with any new drug, the exact way Stratera will work in the "real world" is not yet known.

_ Stratera is not necessarily safer in the long run than the stimulants. The long-term side effects of Stratera are completely unknown.

_ Some insurance companies refuse to pay for Stratera. Out-of-pocket costs for Stratera are $100 to $200 depending on the dose.

_ Stratera does not seem to impact hyperactivity as much as the stimulant medications. People might need to use a stimulant ADHD medication alongside Stratera, which defeats the argument that you can avoid stimulant medication.

_ Stratera is difficult to adjust. With stimulants, a physician will know in a short amount of time if the dosage needs adjustment. Stratera’s longer action time causes dosaging complications that can extend from months to a year.

_ There is a problem with using Stratera alongside the psychotropic drugs Prozac and Paxil.

_ There are reports of sexual dysfunction side effects in adult Stratera use.

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