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Attention Deficit Disorder Help Center: Bring peace and health to your life with the Attend line of natural products. Powerful and effective alternatives for ADHD, depression, hyperactivity and stress that are safe, non-prescription, doctor formulated, clinically proven and guaranteed to work!


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Morning Shake for that Kid on the Go

This great fruit and protein shake recipe is an excellent way to start the day. The "Morning Shake" fruit and protein shake recipe supplies the body with the health benefits of fresh fruit,  brain-feeding protein and a multiple vitamin and mineral supplement. For an added boost, break open a couple Attend capsules and throw those in as well.

Morning Shake: Fruit and Protein Shake Recipe

1 c. freshly squeezed orange juice or any 100% juice, no added sweetener.
1 heaping scoop protein powder.
1 T. honey or to taste - raw and unfiltered, if possible (available at health food stores).
2-4 t. All One brand multiple vitamin & mineral power (available at health food stores).
4-8 fresh or frozen strawberries or one banana or any fresh fruit (be adventuresome).

Throw all in blender and let 'r rip!


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