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Extress to control hyperactivity, stress, mood swings, emotional sensitivity.
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Knowing the Sign of Stress.

For thousands of years, the body has used stress as a warning sign for personal defense. Itís important to know when a sign of stress is a warning sign. Your body will tell you something is wrong through a physical sign of stress, an emotional sign of stress, a mental sign of stress or even an occasional anti-social sign of stress.

Everyone has a different response to stress. Likewise, everyone may show a different sign of stress, depending on their temperament and life situation.

Stress can take a toll on your body as well as your mind and spirit. Itís important for you to know whether you are exhibiting a stress sign because stress can lead to ulcers, insomnia, heart disease as well as relationship problems.

In todayís modern fast-paced world, itís not surprising you would have a sign of stress such as anxiety. You may feel pressure to make more money to buy a nicer home or car for your family. Showing a sign of stress does not mean you are weak or inferior person. It simply means your body is giving you a warning sign that you are taking on too much.  

The following sign of stress list includes a few of the most common signs of stress experienced by everyday people: skin problems, poor concentration, sleep deprivation, mood swings, low self esteem, exhaustion, poor memory, changes in appetite and muscle tension.

Another sign of stress list was found in American Psychiatric Associationís Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 1994 edition. They include the following physical signs on the stress list: sleeplessness, sweaty palms, indigestion, sleep too much, fatigue, tight muscles, diarrhea, tight stomach pain, heart pounding, holding breath, skin breaks out, cold hands, shortness of breath headaches and nausea.

You may show a physical sign of stress caused by an illness or disease. Itís important to check with a medical professional if you notice any new stress symptom. Oftentimes you will find your physical sign of stress such as headache is exacerbated by emotional stress. A physical stress symptom could be a dizzy spell, rapid heartbeat or tightened muscles. For your own protection, you will want to pay careful attention to a physical sign of stress. At the same time, itís important to understand a physical sign of stress may not be an alarm for a life-threatening situation. You may simply be dealing with stress related to a time in your life or the month.

In addition to a physical sign of stress, you may also exhibit a mental sign of stress such as fuzzy perception. Some people say they canít concentrate or forget things due to stress. A major mental sign of stress is negative self-talk. A less obvious mental sign of stress is being disorganized or unkempt.

If you have a sign of mental stress, such as poor concentration, you may feel tempted to self-medicate by eating junk food. People who show the physical stress sign of fatigue may turn to caffeine or sugar to lift their spirits and give them energy. This is a mistake.

People with any sign of stress should stick to a healthful eating and exercise plan. Additionally, we recommend using Extress to supplement a healthy diet. Extress is a homeopathic and nutrition supplement that is exceptionally effective in providing the body with the nutritional requirements which aid the body during periods of stress, tension, anxiety, minor phobic reactions and complaints of generalized patterns of anxious discomfort. 

Another type of stress symptom is an emotional sign of stress, which differs from a physical sign of stress and a mental sign of stress.  On the emotional stress symptom list are the following: irritability, nervousness, moodiness, hostility, depression, anxiety, seriousness, poor and irrational judgment and mistakes in easy computation. The best cure for an emotional sign of stress is to refresh yourself with a decent meal or nap.

Finally, some people show a sign of stress that falls under an entirely different category. Their sign of stress shows up in the way they relate to other people including co-workers, strangers, family and friends. Anti-social behavior or a relational sign of stress may involve a violent episode, fight or an argument. You may need to see a mental health professional to get a handle on your life if you exhibit a dangerous anti-social sign of stress.

A person with an anti-social sign of stress may seek isolation isolation from other peoples. They may not get along with employers or change jobs often to deal with the stress symptom. Road rage is another common anti-social sign of stress.

The natural ingredients in Extress complement the body's natural powers to reduce stress and anxiety. The specific doctor-formulated Extress formula naturally diminishes emotional sensitivity and mood swings, calms and focuses attention, relaxes muscles and reduces the possibility of stress-induced head pain and muscle aches. Extress also helps diminish hyperactivity, aggression and anger outbursts.

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